22 Ferrell Street, Personally, I'm going to stock up on the Callaway HX-Hot Plus because 2 for $35.00 is a pretty damn good deal at the moment. The Q-Star Tour ball responded to whatever short game shot I attempted. Learn how your comment data is processed. The 2020 Srixon Q-Star Tour is a strong distance ball with tour level performance around the green. Thanks for the review.

Required fields are marked *. I play over 150 rds a year (218 this past yr) so you might be surprised how quickly a cart path and the odd lake can add up in golf ball requirements. I love AD333s. South Africa. Several others seem to confirm this. the ad333 felt too light and clicky off my putter. Doesnt mean I always buy whats cheapest, but I do my homework so I get the best value I can (at least based on my own personal metrics), Ive looked at the DTC balls several times, and yes they seem to offer Tier 1 performance at Tier 2 prices (cheaper if you buy in bulk) but I feel that’s a bit of a misnomer, that somehow keeps getting sidestepped here (not trying to call you guys out, I come here for the objectivity ONLY you guys offer, Im just kinda curious to be honest)…. I'm a serious golfer...BUT...I LUV the trash talk with the boys and getting to their heads when they act like a bunch of babies or having meltdowns when they aren't playing well...I'm pretty good at not getting fazed out when one of the tools I often play with says stupid things when I'm at address. (For the smart-asses that will say you can't hit blind-folded, how about instead... removing the label from the ball lol) No Guesswork. A great combo of low spin off irons and the driver plus super soft feel and tons of spin with the scoring clubs. Around the green, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is indistinguishable from tour level balls in terms of performance. The new Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball aims to deliver premium, Tour-level performance, for players with more moderate swing speeds. MBU yes it will have the same name and selling for around £30 per dozen. Upload or insert images from URL. Everything else goes in the bag for our juniors and our range. That price tag is right in the sweet spot with other Tier-2 balls, but also in the wheelhouse of Direct-To-Consumer brands such as Vice and Snell, which offer Tier-1 balls at the same price, or better if bought in bulk. This would be the same concept as someone actually trying to tell you that they can easily and quickly tell the difference between a prior generation Pro V1x and a 2011 Pro V1x by performance/feel. I wouldn't mind if they presented some proof that they were superior , but as you stated, all they give a golfer is marketing fluff on the box. The biggest difference was compression.


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