Cactus plants come is small and large sizes. The Center is a free add-on for ARK: Survival Evolved that includes a massive new map for survivors to explore, nearly double the size of the playable geography of the standard ARK Island landscape making it about 70 sq. This tool currently supports 8 zoomable maps with resource overlays. Additional nodes: 54-72; 68-78; 67-75; 76-73; 80-70; 81-82; 54-68. The Center - ARK Expansion Map. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In … This area in the southern edge of the biome is completely soaked in oil, so it's going to be really easy to collect it here. To stay up to date you should join our discord. Enter it and follow the passageway to keep on going under. At 18.7/89.1 in the snow biome on the top right corner of the map, are penguins that spawn there on the ice plates all over the snow biome. It can get a bit tricky finding resources on the new Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero map. Learn More. with plenty of great building areas for either large,small or solo tribes. The thing about White Cliff area is that you can find enough cactus, and even if you still want more, just search a little bit more.

At 08.7/79.2, in the Wyvern Scar where you can find some additional polymer.

I’m glad people are enjoying this tool :).

Additional nodes: 19-28; 22-13; 51-38; 53-35; 46-23; 48-14; 33-26. Click the map to add a landmark; landmarks can be added to each map and shared with others via URL. 9. Sulfur The Genesis expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved introduces a brand new map with five new biomes. At 78.1/90.0, is a canyon sort of area, surrounded with steep hills all of whom are covered in salt.
I made this as a personal project. It is usually found on water bodies and is a grey liquid-ish substance. Ragnarok - ARK Expansion Map. My goal was to make it easier for tribes to share base locations with each other. 7. Polymer
However, at 38.9/57.6 there is an entrance to a cave under a cliff just beside the lake. But worry not! Metals are basically the resource that are found in immense abundance and on the map everywhere you go. You can mine it from green glowing stones scattered around.

Other resources such as Fiber, Flint, Wood, Fat, and Stone are scattered throughout the map. These were resource locations for all five new biomes in the Genesis expansion, and for more ARK: Survival Evolved guides, check out the list below: Sergey has been a freelancer in the video games industry for more than five years, writing for various publications around the world. His favorite games are MtG, Dark Souls, Diablo, and Divinity: Original Sin. Sergey doesn't own consoles because a PC is all he needs. Where to find Obsidian, Ambergris, and more in ARK: Survival Evolved's Genesis expansion. New Cache - article_comments_article_65632, How to Get Rid of Insect Swarms in ARK: Genesis, ARK: Genesis Guide — Mission Loot Table Breakdown, ARK: Genesis Guide — How to Get All New Weapons, ARK: Genesis — How to Beat the Final Boss, ARK: Genesis Bloodstalker Location and Taming Guide, Ark: Survival Evolved Kibble Guide (Updated).

They are inside of seashells that sit on the bottom of lakes and rivers. Just go under the mount into the caves and collect as much sulfur as you need. Follow the trail of pearls as soon as you find one and you will find lots more afterward. Metals and Gems Also, check out the top branches for some bee hives full of honey. Similarly, Fiber can be harvested by picking plants with hands. Add-On. Alpha stage also means that there can be changes everywhere and every time. Click the map to add a landmark; landmarks can be added to each map and shared with others via URL. Locate a bunch of poisonous trees that exhume sap and gas. At 17.9/88.7, in the snow biome where you came for polymer earlier is the location for oil.

You can easily find cementing paste all over the beaver dams.


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