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I've read alot online about all of the scenarios for bitlocker and using Windows 10 with TPM 2.0. If you browse the list of Servicing Stack updates under ADV990001 and call up the corresponding KB articles, they all contain the reference to the Bitlocker fix. Here is the list of relevant updates. Preliminary note: Users with Windows 10 Home are not affected by the following instructions. Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams Either running in Legacy mode or UEFI? Microsoft Agent or Microsoft actually recommends this for all updates and writes in its KB articles that the required SSUs are automatically taken into account when installing via Windows Update.

Below is a document from Microsoft on the requirements. If you go to “Uninstall Updates” in the classic Control Panel, the SSU is listed. I interpret it to mean that it can cause the Bitlocker module to become active before the Secure Boot checks are complete. Advertising. Thank you for the information. システム情報を確認する. As a result, Bitlocker is forced into recovery mode, in which a recovery key is queried. 10/12/2020; この記事の内容. Surface デバイスの現在および将来のすべての世代では、これらのデバイス専用の統合された固有の拡張ファームウェアインターフェイス (UEFI) が Microsoft によって設計されています。 Does Update KB4571756 fixes the SSD defrag bug in Windows 10 V2004?

BitLocker暗号 ; サウンド ... UEFIモードはGPT ファイル形式を使い、レガシBIOSの場合は MBRファイル形式を使います。現在お使いのPCのマザーボードがUEFIをサポートしているか、レガシーBIOSなのかを以下の方法で簡単に確認できます。 スポンサーリンク. Microsoft points out an important fix in the Key-Changes: Addresses an issue with a Secure Boot feature update that may cause BitLocker to go into recovery mode because of a race condition. Microsoft global customer service number. Surface UEFI の設定を管理する. パフォーマンスとディスクのサポートを強化するために、Legacy(BIOS)モードからUEFIモードに変更する必要があります。この記事では、Windows 10/8/7でシステムを再インストールせずにLegacy(レガシー)をUEFIブートモードに変更する方法を紹介します。では、時間を節約するため、この記事をす … Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an
The update is automatically distributed via Windows Update, but is also available via Microsoft Update Catalog. I've read things that said bitlocker encryption is not possible if it's a Win 10 box with TPM 2.0 bios in Legacy mode. And Microsoft has released an important Servicing Stack Update (SSU) for all supported Windows 10 versions, which is supposed to solve a Bitlocker problem in connection with Secure Boot. Windows 10 V1803: Fix for Bitlocker bug in Nov. 2018? Bitlocker with Windows 10 and EFI/UEFI Bios and Legacy Bios + MBR or GPT disk Hello, I've read alot online about all of the scenarios for bitlocker and using Windows 10 with TPM 2.0. Windows 10 V1803: Fix for Bitlocker bug in Nov. 2018? You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a It must be UEFI/EFI to work. It must be UEFI/EFI to work. For Microsoft’s Surface devices, for example, the problem is known that Bitlocker goes into recovery mode and requires a recovery key when an update to the UEFI or TPM firmware is installed.

2017, 2018, Also in addition to this, I also read that you want UEFI + GPT formatted disk. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

Posted on 2019-07-17 by guenni Today a short note for Windows 10 users who use Bitlocker with Secure Boot. Windows 10: Important Secure Boot/Bitlocker Bug-Fix If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. By installing Service Stack Updates (SSU), users ensure, according to Microsoft, that they have a robust and reliable service stack so that their devices can receive and install Microsoft security fixes.
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