You can also review your targeting options. Another step you may try is to use a good known cable and see if the issue persists. Hope this helps. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a If you're hearing 2 beeps from the system, this indicates that there is a problem with the memory in the computer.

Your computer has four lights labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the front panel. You may also try to swap the ends of cable and check if the issue persists. Ha!!! I've used a variety of mice with this machine, and only one keyboard. By using different screens you ruled out the monitor, but having a no signal, or entering power save mode, basically the same thing, sounds like your video card died.

Thanks for any advice.

There is a logical reason that it would be fixed by blowing out the dust in your computers. The Dell GX280 had a bad capacitor problem that could cause what you're describing. I changed the video card and it worked for about a week then started again. Enter your user name and password into the login prompt if your computer requires a login. It sounds as though your system may be having issues completing the POST sequence which may be why your monitor is not showing any video signal from the system. I would suggest you to reset the power schemes to default settings: b.    Click on Thanks! For example: I'm writing a document then suddenly my screen goes blank and it says "Entering Power saving mode" after which the green Power-light on the monitor changes orange-ish. How Do You Adjust The Height Of A Dell Flat Screen Monitor? I just used a piece of cloth and wiped off a lot of black dust that must've been accumulating. I ended up putting my test power supply in and it has been running fine for 3 months. To bring the computer out of the power save mode press the "Windows" key once and release, wait one second, then press enter. I vote for a bad Video card, or monitor cable. I vote for a bad Video card, or monitor cable. d. In the list of options, click on Power.

That doesn't work either. Look for a bent pin on your video cable. You can change how long it is before the Dell monitor goes into power-save mode by changing your display settings. You would turn on the computer but it would beep once and the monitor would automatically display the "power save mode" press any key to wake the computer. Press any key on your keyboard or move your mouse. Everything seemed to work fine, but my computer enters Power saving mode at completely random times while im actually on the PC. In the case of laptops this could also be down to an empty battery. It's in the front of the box, not the back. I was able to fix my issue by replacing the DVI cord. If so, please count the beeps and tell us how many you hear. Either will turn off power-save mode. Very helpful.

Nov 8, 2012 at 03:38 UTC. Press “Enter” to begin using your Dell computer. You would have to hard power it down by, holding the power button for more than five seconds till the power went off. Follow these methods to resolve the issue: First, I would suggest you to follow these steps and run the There is no logical reason why dust would cause this problem. By looking at the power supply connectors I seen that I had hooked the wrong connector into the GPU. I had the same problem.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I had the same issue. :( i wasn't able to use for almost a year now.

It was working fine until a few months back. Theme can be used to create a professional Q&A community.

Another possible cause of the same issue might be video drivers of your computer. Stand-by mode allows the screensaver to appear.

I removed two 1 GB memory sticks, screen back to normal. codihandley nailed it. You're video card and everything else is fine, don't throw ur computer away from BAD advice. I hope this is the solution for my problem. The PC lights up and makes the usual sounds. Whenever I press any other buttons on my monitor, it says "there is no signal coming from your computer" and tells me to use my keyboard or mouse to wake it up and switch to another source. For a few weeks, I've been unable to put the computer to "sleep" -- instead I have had to power off at night, power on in the morning. c.     Type the command “powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies” Another solution would be to disable power management. Aftter it has been upgraded to Windows 7 though, the monitor may exhibit the 'stuck in power-save mode' problem after approximately 3-5 weeks. I have gone through all the control panel settings. I was watching a HD video and then everything froze. It could overheat because the dust is clogging the various fans in the tower. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Either will turn off power-save mode.

I have tried pressing every keyboard button and monitor button and it doesn't get out of Power Save Mode. But that was my problem. Thanks! Microsoft Agent or I've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but that didn't work. It is definetely the problem of the monitor - not the PC, as I tried to connect the same problematic monitor to different PCs and the problem remained. e. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

My screen would go BLACK after being on for just a few minutes or when downloading a file. check the wire that connects from the monitor and the PC tower... it may be loose.

Just your monitor, as evidenced by the sound playing. This prompt is not built into the monitor as it does not appear when disconnected from a PC, leading me to believe Windows 10 is displaying this message.

This thread is locked. Please help me :(.

Yes, I hear beeps (2) and the light is a steady white light.

Dell monitors automatically go into power-save mode after a preset amount of time when the computer is inactive. Try the Challenge », Unable to access iDRAC login page, Access Denied. I've got a Dell Studio, 5 years old this month, Windows Vista Home Premium. If monitor is the cause, you may try to re-seat the monitor cable and ensure the connections are secure. It will make more sense at that point. Change the display settings on your Dell monitor to prevent your monitor from going into power-save mode prematur. Had the same problem with two of my Dell monitor. ask a new question. I just had the same problem and it seemed to come out of nowhere...but actually there had been a crash. It's been a good one but time to give it a rest, I suppose. I don't have any memory sticks. I vote video card but as above, make sure on-board video is not being ignored. Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an If nothing, replace the cable.

When you first switch the system on, please check the power button on the system - this may show a flashing amber light or a steady amber light rather than the standard steady white light. I booted up and then my monitor was stuck in "Entering Power Safe Mode". I am having the exact same problem with my setup(and using a friend's computer to post this). Press any key a second time if the monitor goes from power-save to stand-by mode. official We have had a simmilar problem with many Optiplex GX520. What helped was when dusted the nook in the PC - I think the place where the fan is. I believe they replaced the front logic panel where the power button/light is connected. I've done some checking and it isn't the monitor. Your COMPUTER is not in power save mode. For me this problem was getting me ready to throw the damn thing in the LAKE!

The problem is a dead battery inside the unit, open it up and change the battery that looks similar to that of a watch, but slightly bigger.

Test the monitor or try a different one to narrow things down. .

technical support services. Whenever I turn on my computer, the monitor doesn't turn on, but the computer does.

Enter your user name and password into the login prompt if your computer requires a login. The problem is easy to see if you open up the case and look for capacitors that are bubbled on top instead of flat. I even used different CPU's, the problem turned out to be a faulty motherboard. HELP! Looking at the specification of your system, you appear to have 4 1GB memory DIMMs installed, giving 4GB in total. This doesn’t mean that your Dell computer has shut down.

I doubt it's an issue with the monitor, because I still get the "entering power saving mode" prompt when turning it off and on again. They didn't charge me for their test and all I had to do was buy the $80 graphic card and install it. Can you confirm what Dell model you have as it appears that there is a typo in your model number. Didn't even think to change the battery. it starts normally (the sound) but always goes back to power save mode.

After swapping out 3 different video cards, vga cables, countless reboots, It finally booted when I removed the second memory stick that was pushing it to 4gb. My dell monitor won't come on, it's blank and when you press any of the monitor buttons it says, "in power safe mode press any key on keyboard or move mouse". Your COMPUTER is not in power save mode. The CPU will cause the computer to shutdown when it overheats. I'm not sure about the Studio model (and can't get my computer to come on so I can check anything on it!) The Dell monitor will go completely black, instead of showing a screensaver. on

My computer was doing this too, but it kept going directly into power save mode when I turned it on (same as a few other people here). Please! aggggghhhhhhhhh [:'(]. Guys I had the same problem that you have what I did was powered everything down unplug all connections opened it up cleaned it then took put my video card out and plugged monitor back in default port on pc once it reset reinstalled video card everything is fine once again hope this helps. In our case the computer base power light would flash orange slowly like the comptuer was asleep however nothing would make it wake up. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a, official Monitor may enter in power saving mode when it does not get the enough power for its operations. To continue this discussion, please Even though i remove the battery to the motherboard on my dell ot7570 desktop, still it is in power save mode, can anyone please help me, any help is appreciated and thanks in advance god bless. Microsoft global customer service number. I'm just not too adventurous about opening up my computer and it's 5 years old anyway. I hope someone can help. You may have an add-on video card but also have onboard video. Did so, and it's like new. You may also try to swap the ends of cable and check if the issue persists.

To me this more or less sounds like a video card problem, if possible i recommend installing a different card into your PC, or try a different on-board video slot if you have that option. DANG GRAPHIC CARD. Actually I'm more leaning toward just tossing the whole thing! The monitor seems to work just great when the machine is still on Windows XP. . Add comment, 2942 users have said thank you to us this month.

I switched out monitors and nothing works on the cpu. Will it help if I just update the drivers for my Video Card? 5) Noticed an Onboard VGA video connection that was covered up> BINGO!


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