The player's party is fixed and the party members come and go as dictated by the plot. This would not happen again until Final Fantasy XII. The player controls four set characters, but allies join the party at set intervals. The player will be rewarded every 24 hours with an unlocked party slot, but only up to 8 slots. Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon are all permanently controllable characters in the party, with various other allies joining and leaving the party at set intervals during the game. These spells or abilities include; Bard Songs, Regen spells, Refresh spells, Sneak, Invisible, or Deodorize.
In addition, Lenna, and to a lesser extent Faris, are absent from the party for a short amount of time. So I've read through like page 10 and seen this mentioned but no where have I seen a solution other than one person saying it just worked when they restarted their computer... Ok, i got CE and the script, but everytime i try to enable a license(steal for main 3, accident removed it resetting jobs), it doesnt appear in game. Hey guys, I am working on a memory editor for FFX/X-2 to change things such as items, accessories, stats, and so on. This can lead to situations where the player normally never witnesses some dialogue in the game, because the characters the lines belong to are always at the bottom of the priority ladder. Occasionally during gameplay party members will show up, usually acting as a guide for the player to follow and also to provide additional (mostly optional) dialogue. This... this is awesome. The Desert Palace sequence requires that Zidane and three chosen companions travel to Oeilvert, leaving the remaining party to try to escape the Desert Palace. The list includes names and the HP and MP of all members. The party can be switched in and out, and KO'd party members can be replaced with non KO'd ones. The maximum party is four characters. Someone has to crack the code or disable that menu rule. Cheats. Tidus is the main playable character shown on the maps, with the exception of the Via Purifico scene, where Yuna briefly takes this position. The player can assign various buffs via equipment and abilities that usually only affect the leader's party and not other characters. - Elza Replaces Fran instead of Ashe now, so Elza, Penelo, and Ashe can be on the Same Team now. Firion, Maria and Guy are all permanently controllable in the party, with various other party members joining and leaving at set intervals.

I had a neat idea for the pirates. The game's manual gives the player some recommendations. Players are able to create parties of whatever size that they wish, though only five characters can be used in battle at one time. is there no Editor like for the PS2 game...? 2 Humans and 2 Mutants: A very well balanced group. The party limit is four and for roughly the first half of the game, the party is set and cannot be changed except when given the option to do so as the plot requires. Well now you can with this Cheat Table made by HylianZ. You can check it out here: Spells that do not work for players outside of their own party do not work on players who are in other parties within alliances. Party members cannot be switched out if they are being targeted by an attack or ability of any kind (their name will appear red in the menu). I always use just the guys as my main party. Abilities: Edits various features of abilities, including MP cost, element, power, effect, and more. Serah and Noel fight alongside Paradigm Pack monsters during their travels. And how to enable reserved party members?

However, a number of story scenarios involve Zidane's absence and require controlling other characters on the field.


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