Sydney Here the wind has been presented as a very clever and powerful being who terrifies and laughs at the weak and helpless. The poem “Wind”, by Subramania Bharati, teaches a very deep moral lesson for human beings. What should we do about our body and heart? Wind has been called ‘god’ because, like ‘god’, he uses his power to remove and crush the undesirable, weak things. Wind, who has been referred to as a god, has the potential of destroying anything or anybody that comes in his way or tries to oppose him. Whatever we do or think must stand on the foundations of strength and power. Man... ...“What does not kill us makes us stronger.” Said by Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German philosopher. Let us make our heart and body strong and steadfast. The weak persons are really helpless before the wind. Ans: The poet requests the wind to blow gently and not to cause any damage or destruction. Q14. 1. Sometimes the rain brought about by the wind also causes damage. But if the people are strong at heart, they face the challenges thrown out by difficulties. In the same manner, when we are strong at heart we can face the challenges of life.
Our bodies and hearts should also be strong. The wind god does not harm strength and steadfastness but even support them. If we are physically and mentally strong, we can embrace it as a friend without being afraid of its fury. But just like I’ve tried to show up for life, I’ll show up for death. Everyone loves a picnic. I am ready. Ans.

For one thing, everyone has his or her own potential to deal with difficulties competently that even he or she is not awarded of. His desire is that they should be bold enough to face the challenges of life. he wind tears the pages off and throws them down from the bookshelf. Briefly describe the central idea of the poem. There are at least four different facets of Wind as presented in the poem – a naughty child, a raging, destructive youth, a very helpful friend and a powerful god. So it accepts their might and stops troubling them. The wind should not break the shutters of the windows. The windbreaks and crushes weak houses, doors, rafters, wood, human beings and lives. For the short term hardship seems a negative thing that no one would want it. Introductory Claim: Of Mice and Men- Both “Of Mice and Men” and “ Finding Nemo” both display an example of friendship and overcoming adversity within the novel and movie. We look at the chemistry and human use of hydrogen dioxide. Check your understanding: multiple choice Circle a, b or c for these sentences. We need to use two key questions.

First, read the questions. Only the strong roar and flourish. Moreover, we should make ourselves mentally and physically strong enough to face the difficulties in life.
If people are infirm, unhealthy, and weak-willed, they will be defeated by these difficulties. Only strong people can face challenges in life. Q15.


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