var b = $j("#ctl00_ctl00_zfFooterControl_uxNewsletterSignUp_txtNewsLetter").val(); W3103. You have the gauge part correct for sure and probably both the OFC and strand count will be better with the Mogami. var pageType = document.getElementById("hdPageType"); Hence this cable is almost unobtainium (other than from a couple oems).Dealers lap up whatever small lots whenever they get their hands on them. Mogami fights harder than any manufacturer to keep unwanted noise away which is why so many artists trust Mogami Gold cable for unbalanced instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, pedals and patching. We offer free lifetime technical support with all purchases.

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Since 1957, Mogami has staked their reputation on every cable they've produced. jQuery('.MiddleContainer').css('min-height','680px');



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