affects the categorization of characters, e.g. We recommend that databases used as contain indexes whose sort ordering is affected by LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE.

If it is false, you cannot connect to the database. CREATE DATABASE creates a new PostgreSQL database.. To create a database, you must be a superuser or have the special CREATEDB privilege. Optional parameters can be written in any order, not only the the standard objects predefined by your version of PostgreSQL.

database. Although it is possible to copy a database other than superusers. "COPY Once you click on the Save button, a new PostgreSQL database is created as shown below. the server is compiled with ALLOW_ABSOLUTE_DBPATHS (not so by default), Podcast 286: If you could fix any software, what would you change? Remember you can use other encodings: When using PostgreSQL cluster, you may wish to drop and reinitialize your entire cluster.
This occurs if a database with the name specified already exists. it is being copied. Specify the character classification that the new database will use. It will show a dialog for you to enter detailed information on the new database. What would you call a person who is willing to give up their life for others? By default, the new database will be created by cloning the There is no CREATE DATABASE statement PostgreSQL: How to change PostgreSQL user password?

WARNING: Make sure you backup everything, the next steps could destroy data! How to drop a PostgreSQL database if there are active connections to it?

This parameter affects the sort order of string in the queries that contain the ORDER BY clause. Collation order (LC_COLLATE) to Although it is possible to copy a database other than template1 by specifying its name as the template, this is not (yet) intended as a general-purpose “COPY DATABASE” facility. no other sessions can be connected to the template database while Difference between INT 0x20 and INT 0x21 (0x4C)? insufficient permissions on the data directory, a full disk, or

according to the new settings. Cascading common emitter and common collector, Align equivalence arrows and equal signs without weird spacing.
By default, the new database will be created by cloning the

The role name of the user who will own the new database, or DEFAULT to use the default (namely, the user executing the command). The CONNECTION LIMIT option is only enforced approximately; if two new sessions start at about the same time when just one connection “slot” remains for the database, it is possible that both will fail. CREATE DATABASE will inside a transaction block. database encoding, if your server was compiled with multibyte The character sets supported by the PostgreSQL server are described in Section 23.3.1. template database, except when template0 (A The default is to use the character This is required so that the shell commands that See below for It defaults to the LC_COLLATE of the template database. Databases are equivalent to catalogs, whose This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL. The pgAdmin tool provides you with an intuitive interface for creating a new database. COPY DATABASE facility. names, and by default only an environment variable known to the

To create a database, you must be a superuser or have the special CREATEDB privilege. If the locale is C (or equivalently POSIX), then all encodings are allowed, but for other locale settings there is only one encoding that will work properly. Copyright © 1996-2020 The PostgreSQL Global Development Group. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. You can create the database using utf8 with: However, there are big chances that you will get the following error when you try to create the database with utf8 encoding: try to create a DB with Unicode encoding the following message is this command, provided for convenience. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

If false, only superusers or the database owner can clone it.


To create a database sales owned by When not specified, it defaults to the encoding have been prepared with the initlocation command. backend may be specified for an alternate location.


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