player.teachword 60296 : NIR Shout: Aura Whisper player.addperk c07cf : adds the Haggling perkHaggling player.addperk f392a : adds the Novice Locks perkNovice Locks player.addperk 58216 : adds the Benefactor perkBenefactor player.placeatme d54ff : place an Alchemy Lab (Wall) Enemy Equipment. Dual casting an Illusion spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. Alteration spells have greater duration. Absorb 30% of the magicka of any spells that hit you. player.addperk 640b3 : adds the Mystic Binding perkMystic Binding

ModPCMiscStat "Soul Gems Used" 0

Death blows to creatures, but not people, trap 5% of the victim’s soul, recharging the weapon. “ RO “ which means Balance 10a237 - SkyrimClearRE player.addperk 5820c : adds the Light Foot perkLight Foot Can bribe guards to ignore crimes. player.addperk 79361 : adds the Juggernaut perkJuggernaut Shock spells do 50% more damage.

A26FA : SpellTomeFlameThrall “ WULD “ which means Whirlwind player.addperk c367c : adds the Enchanter perkEnchanter A26E8 : SpellTomeParalyze Bound weapons do more damage. player.addperk c07cd : adds the Alchemist perkAlchemist 9E2A9 : SpellTomeBoundSword Automatically gives you a copy of a picked lock’s key if it has one. Cast Master level Conjuration spells for half magicka. 9CD52 : SpellTomeFrostbite ModPCMiscStat "Gold Found" 0 5ed7a - FXWthrInvertLightsSolitude Spawn a large container at your location with a category of items. player.addperk 581e1 : adds the Animage perkAnimage 10e1ee - SkyrimClearTU_A player.addperk c44c3 : adds the Apprentice Illusion perkApprentice Illusion player.addperk 105f31 : adds the Summoner perkSummoner ModPCMiscStat "Items Stolen" 0 10e1e3 - SkyrimCloudyVT_A ModPCMiscStat "Hours Slept" 0 ModPCMiscStat "Misc Objectives Completed" 0 10c32f - FXSkyrimStormBlowingGrass player.addperk 5218e : adds the Arcane Blacksmith perkArcane Blacksmith 10a236 - SkyrimCloudyCO You are 35% harder to detect when sneaking. player.addperk 107831 : adds the Deft Movement perkDeft Movement player.teachword 3291B : RU Shout: Dismaying Shout

B3165 : dunTrevasSpellTomeSpectralArrow ModPCMiscStat "Souls Trapped" 0 「また、そのEnchant(付呪)出来るSpell(呪文)とPerk(スキル)のリストとIDです。 ModPCMiscStat "The Companions Quests Completed" 0 player.addperk c1e92 : adds the Bone Breaker perkBone Breaker a6858 - WorldMapWeather player.teachword 2F7BB : WULD Shout: Whirlwind Sprint Can draw a bow 30% faster.

10a233 - SkyrimCloudyMA player.teachword 60292 : MIR Shout: Animal Allegiance player.addperk c5c05 : adds the Limbsplitter perkLimbsplitter ModPCMiscStat "Favorite Weapon" 0 ModPCMiscStat Intimidations 0 One-Handed weapons do 20% more damage. player.teachword 602A5 : NUS Shout: Ice Form Don’t forget that you can improve your items with smithing and enchanting. Potions and poisons you make are 20% stronger. player.placeatme bbcf1 : place a Forge (Outside) 1396a: Heavy Armor – Daedric Boots (plain for enchanting)

player.addperk 105f2a : adds the Experimenter perkExperimenter Novice locks are much easier to pick. Fire spells do 25% more damage.

2ac6f : Wabbajack Persuasion attempts are 30% easier. “ LUN “ which means Leech


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