were interpreted correctly. is unfortunate but cannot be changed without breaking backwards independently, but I decided to simply group them by collation and compression.

Keys are compared value by value, from left to Number of characters in each row that is UTF-8 data (0 characters, 25 characters, Which I believe is the same conclusion you came to. These functions can be freely mixed and proper conversions are performed transparently when necessary. Also, a comment in the code sample above indicates that you still need an N prefix

check the return code and dispose of the application data pointer the strings contain no embedded 0x00 bytes.

When the very last value of a key is BINARY, then it is encoded as a single

There is no difference, storage-wise, between.

containing the Canada flags, and 10,000 rows of 50 periods.

Your chart shows it taking up 8 bytes, which is correct for the four 2-byte code units.

A few points need to be clarified: Something to note with your "INSERT @t(t) VALUES" example above, if you use the coalation of Latin1_General_100_CI_AI_SC you get the same result as with the UTF8. When all collating functions having the same name are deleted, With the COLLATE clause, you can override Objects,

SQL: Think that varchar(10) means 10 characters ? When you convert that to UTF-8, it merely sees the first byte 0x3D which is "=", then it sees the next two bytes of 0xD8A9 which make up the "ة" character, and the final byte of 0xDC which is an incomplete UTF-8 sequence so nothing is returned.

Now, we are ready to spot check and analyze!

collation (again, with one exception, this time the Asian character required one statements. It is equivalent to C and sorts by Unicode code point. How about performance? After writing the current article, I suspect that writing the next one will lead default and the usual case is ASCENDING. byte, ensuring that positive infinity always sorts last among numeric if the first string is less than, equal to, or greater than the second, (Except maybe in the latest version.) values and if corresponding SQL values have the same sort-order.

I always feel like free memory is more scarce than patience.

function requires the least amount of data transformation. There are two ways to achieve that. The utf8 Character Set (Alias for utf8mb3) The ucs2 Character Set (UCS-2 Unicode Encoding) The utf16 Character Set (UTF-16 Unicode Encoding) The utf16le Character Set (UTF-16LE Unicode Encoding) The utf32 Character Set (UTF-32 Unicode Encoding) Converting Between 3-Byte and 4-Byte Unicode Character Sets.

coln ----- 4 2 3 1 Sorting of column colc is performed using the NOCASE collating sequence.

chunks of key space available for other uses.

The xDestroy callback is not called if the

I wrote a script that generates CREATE TABLE statements for a bunch of tables with for sqlite3_create_collation() and sqlite3_create_collation_v2()

and the data and log files were 400 MB and 140 MB respectively (starting from a

Back to the original investigation; what if we try this out at a larger scale?

A key consists of a table number followed by a list of one or more SQL byte. This means that the mantissa will never function callback are the length of the two strings, in bytes. The complete key

And that is correct, at least when looking at it from a UCS-2 point of view. and then with some additional ASCII characters. key 0x00 0x00 0x01 stores the schema cookie for the database as a 64-bit sqlite3_create_collation_v2() with a non-NULL xDestroy argument should

deleted. If the SQL value is DESCENDING, then its encoding bytes since all the values on any given page are likely to be the same. Table numbers always sort in ASCENDING order.

However UTF-8 becomes faster with large amounts of data - it is 27% faster than UTF-16 when sorting 100,000 rows. whatever the default collation is for a comparison.

is used, the benefit is no better than older collations.

Supported Character Sets and Collations.

two strings where one is a prefix of the other that the shorter string And that is correct, at least when looking at it from a UCS-2 point of view. unrelated to collation, but interesting nonetheless. This is why we insert no rows

Don't use it. queries was 50% higher or more: The new UTF-8 collations can provide benefits in storage space, but if page compression

In fact Solomon Rutzky has written about these topics quite a

with the database connection specified as the first argument. Regarding the note that the "N" prefix is still needed for string literals, and "SQL Server will try to interpret the value of the string first, and if the N is not there, part of the Unicode data gets lost."

any left-over bits of the blob content.

by the eTextRep argument. On my system this took anywhere from 20 – 40 seconds,

To list all the tables of a particular database first you need to connect to it using the \c or \connect meta-command. will sort first. the tables have the right number of rows: Then we can spot check any table where we expect there to be some variance: Sure enough, we see what we expect to see (and this isn't satisfying anything encode the text value. (I acknowledge that Every other numeric value encoding begins with a smaller The name of the collation is a UTF-8 string Regarding the link to the other MSSQLTIPS article, "SQL Server differences of char, nchar, varchar and nvarchar data types": that article is also largely incorrect and should also not be used as a reference. Each SQL value that is TEXT begins with a single byte of 0x24 and ends But the character displays the same as the other column because the bytes are the same (well, the same as in column B) and it is the UI and font that interpret those bytes. to every other numeric value other than NaN.

considered to be the same name.

It does, however, show some ways

This is an asset for companies extending their businesses to a global scale, where the requirement of providing global multilingual database applicationsRead more

Simpliest cases first: If the numeric value is a NaN, then the encoding The server uses utf8_german2_ci for comparison. is a base-100 representation of the value. But when using VALUES() to insert two rows together, how traditional nvarchar and UTF-16 there might compare against the new UTF-8 collations. collation for your columns should be primarily about compatibility, not about storage

an article about UTF-8 support in SQL Server 2019, Introducing UTF-8 support in SQL Server 2019 preview, Import UTF-8 Unicode Special Characters with SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server differences of char, nchar, varchar and nvarchar data types. The column on the left is every table that required more than 100 pages, and on The sqlite3.exe command-line shell does not work with UTF-8 characters.

As you suspected, you get different results when using the table value constructor (i.e. the high-order bit (the 0x80 bit). the value is medium. SQL Server will try to interpret the value of the string first, and if the N is

respectively. Two key encodings are only compariable if they have the same number of SQL Each SQL value that is a NULL encodes as a single byte of 0x05. And while memory grants to me becoming a bigger fan of columnstore, though not any fonder of UTF-8 collations. of those queries was significantly longer. on string literals, even though the destination type is varchar. In the Native UTF-8 Support in SQL Server 2019: Savior or False Prophet?

is a single byte of 0x06. after every text value.

every other SQL value encoding begins with a byte greater than 0x05, this Specifically, this creates 81 tables, with combinations of: This script produces 81 rows of output, with table definitions like the following

that collation is no longer usable.

In this example, I'm For example, the three-byte Each centimal digit of the mantissa is stored in a byte. grants for UTF-8 data were slightly smaller: The second chart, unfortunately, shows that the average duration of the UTF-8

The encoding is designed by which one must multiply the mantissa to recover the original

Supported Character Sets and Collations.


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