This Modification adds the GE P42 DC - Salutes Our Veteranes to the game. Edited 6 times, last by Mariotator (Aug 14th 2018). Cost: $2000.... A collection of old style American crossing signals. GE c40 8w - CSX (Dark Future) + Double Traction. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! This mod can only be used when first starting a new game: 1. As this annoys me far more than it should I've put this simple mod together. Fügt dem Spiel ein Deco-Gebäude als Signal mit Funktion hinzu. Please note that the original game files are also copyrighted by the developers. Dry cargo vessel type 576 "Shestaya Pyatiletka".

Although i think everyone could enjoy it. Transport Fever 2 mods is a popular manner to boost the game. For those who has the interest toward my future production, Currently I have two goal. This is a repaint of the Urban Games "Golden Sands" as heritage coaches in the Amtrak Phase I-IVb liveries. GE c40 8w - Norfolk Southern + Double traction. They are easily detectable by a white painted excess height section. This Modification adds the GE P42 DC - New Haven to the game. Annoyingly the default game has a habit of incorrectly placing catenary masts in the middle of rails at junctions. Wooden caboose with cupola. I've tried multiple ways of preventing this but to no avail. Cool, freue mich auf weitere Mods von dir! Default (vanilla) USA Frieght Cars as trackside assets. One of the operator is Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Japan National Railways Series50 Carriage. Switch off the collision in trees and stones! This Map has been inspired by the GX Grand Canyon map by geloxo. Covers the Heartland of America: Midwest, Northeast, South. Steam Workshop: Transport Fever. Baue einfach ein weiteres gleis daneben und dann kannst du die Rame auch von der anderen Seite bauen.Zu Punkt 2. This pack adds several logos used throughout the history of the Illinois Central Railroad, known as the "Mainline of Mid-America". Mit dem heutigen Tage darf ich verlautbaren, dass die Fahrzeug-Werkstatt aus dem Hause DomTrain, unter einem leicht anderen Namen, wiedereröffnet worden ist! Heightmap modified from and the national flag was from […], Description This is an express carriage that Japan National Railways started operating in 1969 for transporting passengers at times of heavy traffic. Available from 1890. This Modification adds the GE P42 DC - Amtrak Phase IVb to the game. Heute stelle ich euch eine Mod vor mit der es euch möglich wird die Vanilla Stadtgebäude frei zu platzieren!Somit könnt ihr eure eigenen Städte erstellen! Adds selectable left/right/through docs to the vanilla cargo harbor.... Wood frame, two story interlocking tower. Available: 1850 - .

Note this is an additional aircraft and wont replace any Boeing 737-300 or any repaints... A B737-300 in Lufthansa livery. The EMD GP40-2 is a 4-axle diesel road switcher locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division as part of its Dash 2 line between April 1972 and December 1986. YOU NEED THE LATEST TESTING PATCH (Build 13240 or later) TO RUN THIS MOD!!! Transport Fever 2 © 2020. Contents […], ПАЗ-3742 (1977-1989) – refrigerator for the transportation of perishable products.

[UPDATE]-Locomotive maintenance platform - 机车检修平台系列, (new version v1.1) marshalling yard light group 编组站灯组. --------Police car MOD 警车MOD --------, --------Police station MOD: 警察局MOD------------, Steyr Fire Truck / Steyr - feuerwehr / 斯太尔消防车, --------Recommended collocation: --------- 建议配合使用:, Fire station + Burning building - 消防局+燃烧建筑, --------Recommended collocation: 建议配合使用:, Deutsch: Dieser Mod fügt dem Spiel 9 verschiedene Achsen als Asset von Standardfahrzeugen hinzu.

Manufactured in some sub-series from 1992 to today, the SD70 series by Electro Motor Division (EMD), is a big seller of the manufacturer.

Do you hate to destroy half of city in order to fit a train station with some decent catchment area? The Team of the Transport-Fever Community. Toll Gate_Part(A) \ 收费站_(系列A) \ mautstelle_Part(A).


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