Tweak – Removed language fallback from “zh_TW” to “zh_CN”. Use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens & custom field data. Tweak – Changed language fallback for “zh_HK” to “zh_TW”.

Oh wow, did not realise when I first saw this feature in @wp_acf how massively powerful this is going to be, InnerBlocks with ACF. Enhancement – Added PHP validation support for Gutenberg. A formula field can only refer to fields ordered BEFORE itself. Fix – Fixed bug preventing sub fields from being reused across multiple parents. Tweak – Added styling compatibility for WordPress 5.5. This is an A+ plugin, it really should just be integrated into WordPress core. i18n – Updated German translations thanks to Ralf Koller. Tweak – Changed default “Preview Size” to medium for the Image field. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect Repeater field value order in AJAX requests. Drinks are on me next time you're in Croatia . Is very useful for people, but can not be done without adding up user input!

Tweak – Removed ACF Blocks keyword limit for later versions of Gutenberg. Fix – Fixed bug showing Discussion and Comment metaboxes for newly imported field groups. Tweak – Repeater field “Add row” icons will now hide when maximum rows are reached. The calculated values are calculated AFTER the post is saved, and displayed AFTER the post gets refreshed.

Vertaal “Advanced Custom Fields” naar jouw taal. Fix – Fixed bug causing reversed field group metabox order.

i18n – Updated Persian translation thanks to Majix. Works as documented, and I have 2 quick feature requests... Your fields have appeared and are ready for content. Dev – Verplaatst van .less naar .scss en alle CSS verkleind.

Using a text field in a formula WILL PRODUCE UNPREDICTABLE RESULTS. Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them in our Cookie Policy. Our field builder allows you to quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only the click of a few buttons! Fix – Fixed bug preventing block registration when no icon is declared.

i18n – Added Catalan translation thanks to Jordi Tarrida. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect order of imported/synced flexible content sub fields.

Supported functions are: Examples of valid expressions using rounding functions: Note that the round() function only takes one parameter and always round to an integer. Fix – Fixed bug breaking seamless postbox style in WordPress 5.5. Fix – Added custom metabox location (acf_after_title) compatibility with Gutenberg. Dev – Added new JS actions “duplicate_fields” and “duplicate_field” fired when duplicating a row. This is a godsend! See hotfix version 5.8.11 for release notes. The function: acf_add_filter_variations() was causing problems. Calculated fields adds a new setting “Formula” to the the ACF field editor. Tweak – Added styling compatibility for WordPress 5.5. i18n – Updated Arabic translation thanks to Karim Ramadan. Dev – Added missing return statement from.
i18n – Updated French translation thanks to Maxime Bernard-Jacquet & Bérenger Zyla. Dev – Added filter ‘acf/connect_attachment_to_post’ to prevent connecting attachments to posts. Velden toevoegen op aanvraag. Fixes issue with complex custom fields types that can’t be converted to string/numeric. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect value retrieval after. If a formula is added to a sub field inside a repeater field, the name refers to another sub field in the same repeater. Fix – Fixed bug in Checkbox field missing “selected” class after “Toggle All”. Dev – Added action “acf/admin_print_uploader_scripts” fired when printing uploader (WP media) scripts in the footer. Fix – Fixed bug causing issues when importing/syncing multiple field groups which contain a clone field. Fix – Fixed various issues affecting dynamic metaboxes in the block editor (requires WordPress 5.3). Dev – Toegevoegd filter ‘ACF / allow_unfiltered_html’ om aan te passen als de huidige gebruiker ongefilterde HTML kan opslaan. Load and display your custom field values in any theme template file with our hassle free developer friendly functions! 1. (I'm guessing) using Ajax to calculate the fields on the fly and display the results without a post save/refresh will make this 1000 times better... A sub field inside a repeater field can also refer to a parent field using the “parent.”” prefix. Fix – Fixed bug preventing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin from adding. Fires after ACF is fully initialized. Parentheses are supported. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect field order after sync. Fix – Fixed bug in Gallery field incorrectly displaying .pdf attachments as icons. Dev – Added filters “acf/pre_load_attachment” and “acf/load_attachment” to customize attachment details. Fix – Implemented new wp_filter_content_tags() function in “acf_the_content” filter.

Chinese (China), Dutch, English (Canada), English (US), French (Canada), French (France), Galician, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian, Portuguese (Angola), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Costa Rica), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Venezuela), Swedish en Turkish. Tweak – Improved styling of metaboxes positioned in the block editor sidebar. acf(); The main function responsible for returning the one true acf Instance to functions everywhere. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic and personalize content. Fix – Fixed bug where HTML choices were not visible in conditional logic dropdown.

Oplossing – JS-fout bij het selecteren van taxonomie termen binnen Gutenberg. Dev – Added filter ‘acf/get_locale’ to customize the locale used to load translations. Formulas can also contains functions like sin, cos, arcsin, log, ln, sqrt, abs. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect results in. * group2.foobar + 10, Valid formula in a field inside a group (assuming the parent has a field named count): Enhancement – Local JSON files now save back to their loaded source path (not “save_json” setting). Download the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and find out just how easy your project can be! Fix – Fixed bug preventing the AMP plugin preview from working. Fix – Fixed all metaboxes appearing when editing a post in WP 5.0. i18n – Updated Polish translation thanks to Dariusz Zielonka. in the aggregate expression is an expression in itself. Dev – Reduced number of queries needed to populate the relationship field taxonomy filter. Fix – Fixed bug breaking “Filter by Post Type” and “Filter by Taxonomy” Field settings. Fix – Added dynamic metabox check compatibility with Gutenberg. Description. Fix – Fixed PHP warning logged when comparing a revision that contains values for a Field that no longer exist. Fix – Fixed Select2 clones appearing after duplicating a Relationship field.

Tweak – Changed custom post status label from “Inactive” to “Disabled”.

New – Added new choice “Add” to the User Form location rule. A sub field inside a repeater field can also refer to a parent field using the “parent.”” prefix. A formula can contain the basic mathematical operations: plus (+), minus (-), multiply (*), division (/) and power of (^). i18n – Update Turkish translation thanks to Emre Erkan.

Fix – Fixed bug causing draft and preview issues with serialized values.

Voeg ze overal toe. Fix – Fixed bug causing incorrect character count when validating values.

Should work as expected now, but we’re considering support for ACF blocks “beta” for now, Fixes typo in javascript file that causes more ajax recalculations that needed, Fixes issue with some PHP versions and empty object keys (, Fixes issue with ACF enumerating rows using alphanumeric keys in some cases (older versions), Adds in-edit recalculations. Fix – Fixed bug causing required date picker fields to prevent form submit. Tweak – Improved metabox styling for Gutenberg. i18n – Toegevoegde Frans-Canadese taal dankzij Bérenger Zyla. Dev – Added JS filter ‘check_screen_args’.

Fix – Fixed guten-bug causing “Preview Post” button to publish changes. Create a field group, add your fields and define the location rules. Fix – Fixed bug causing duplicate “save metabox” AJAX requests in the Gutenberg editor. Tweak – Improved performance of PHP registered fields. The documentation is good, and even if you are not a pro coder, ACF is so well known around that you can find tutorials or code samples for about anything also out of the official channels. Fix – Fixed bug causing Revision meta to incorrectly update the parent Post meta. All fields can be set as read only in the ACF field editor (not just calculated fields).

Nick. The one plugin you want on a desert island. Fix – Fixed PHP 5.4 error “Can’t use function return value in write context”.

Fix – Fixed unresponsive Select2 instances after duplicating a row or layout. Tweak – Improved styling of ACF Blocks components. Dev – Bumped minimum supported WP version to 4.7.0. i18n – Updated Portuguese language thanks to Pedro Mendonça. Opgeloste problemen in de laatste twee maanden: I've done a lot of custom work using this plugin. We provide a content rich resource library with code examples, tutorials and guides! Proudly powering 1+ million websites and achieving a 5 star rating!

Content editing made easy.

acf. Fix – Fixed bug in media modal causing the primary button text to disappear after editing an image. Bekijk de code, haal de SVN repository op, of abonneer je op het ontwikkellog via RSS. “Advanced Custom Fields” is open source software. Tweak – Added place name data to Google Maps field value.

i18n – Added Traditional Chinese translation thanks to Audi Lu. Download for free Get PRO.

New – Added support for persistent object caching. De plugin Advanced Custom Fields is ook beschikbaar in een professionele versie met meer velden, meer functionaliteit en meer flexibiliteit! Fix – Fixed various plugin update issues. To minimize the impact of performance, Calculated fields rely on field order. Meer informatie, Help Desk. Again, wow. Fix – Fixed bug where breaking out of a sub. Ondersteuning wordt momenteel geboden via onze e-mailhelpdesk. I need to have options for psychological testing for users. Fix – Fixed bug where “sync” feature imported field groups without fields. Added visual representation of where Field Groups will appear. New – Optimized Relationship field by delaying AJAX call until UI is visible.

For example, the expression: “Sum(orderlines.amount)”” will return the sum of all the “amount” fields in the repeater field “orderlines”. Dev – Added new “acf/prepare_field_group_for_import” filter. Enhancement – Added ability to bypass confirmation tooltips (just hold shift).

Velden kunnen overal in WP worden toegevoegd, inclusief berichten, gebruikers, taxonomie termen, media, opmerkingen en zelfs in aangepaste optie pagina’s!

Fix – Fixed bug preventing block registration when category does not exist. i18n – Updated Turkish translation thanks to Emre Erkan. “Calculated fields for ACF” is open source software. The repeater calculations are epic. THANK YOU. Tweak – Verbeterde punctuatie in beheerders meldingen. Dev – Field Group export now shows “active” attribute as bool instead of int. Added popup modal to review Local JSON changes before sync. Fix – Fixed bug in Gutenberg where custom metabox location (acf_after_title) did not show on initial page load. The only reason I was able to embrace block based themes is due to the work ACF has done. Dev – Ensure Checkbox field value is an array even when empty.

Dev – Added compatibility for Attachments in the Post Taxonomy location rule.

Fix – Fixed bug in Color Picker field causing JS error on front-end forms. Fix – Fixed bug causing tinymce issues when changing between block modes. Tweak – Verbeterde prestaties en nauwkeurigheid bij het laden van een gebruiker veldwaarde. Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to hide when toggling between Document and Block tabs within the Block editor. This expression will walk over all lines in the “orderlines” repeater field, perform the calculation “price * amount” and return the sum of all lines. Formulas supports referring to other fields in the same Field group using the field name. * parent.count * 22.


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